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Tricks of Their Trade... Continue 

An even more twisted tale of "The King Without Clothing" is basically the story line that the puppeteer/puppets based most tricks on to be sold to the population. As stated many a times on previous writings most is based on half truth mixed with lies and at times a bit of framing is needed. Remember though that some puppets are weak to the point that they even intentionally would submit a love one or supposedly a love one to be used or abused along the game in order to save face or reach a certain goal. Is not just strangers that get to be used or abused and so the list of innocent victims grow. In a cowardly game there is no such thing as honorable acts... especially on those worse case scenarios. Sad but it is true. 

Thus the story line of the King or Target is as many have experienced.. either to be depicted as a thief, or as a health hazard or a drug addict or anything else that best fit the puppeteer's agenda... the list goes on. 

What is worth contemplating for a minute here is that the act of harassment itself is probably an even worse act compared to what "Kings" are being harassed about. In most cases the harassment could have been avoided simply if there was better communication. Think about it for a minute. 

I think I will gather some example of some people that have been harassed to illustrate the ridiculousness or excuses people provide when caught for harassing. Do not think for a minute that sociopaths are the only ones that harass others. Unfortunately as the world is right now, we can safely say that anyone Can and Would harass under the "right" conditions. However when you have sociopaths taking the lead then you can pretty much be certain there is no limit on how many heroes he/they will turn into cowards. 

I will stop at this point until I gather those examples I mentioned. 

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