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You hold the key to unravel even the most intolerable circumstances.

It needs to be shared... to be exposed:
to a world that have lived blindfolded... indifferent to cancerous behavior's causes and effect.
to a world that had fallen complaisant to injustice...
to a world that believes that their indifference and reckless mobbing actions do not affect more than the immediate circles...
to a world that believes that:
     lack of open mindedness
     lack of empathy
     lack of cooperation
     lack of communication
     lack of understanding
     and most of all
     lack of immediate tangible corrective actions

     leads to no grave consequences.
You have been an eyewitness or participant of all this to some degree or other. Your unique perspective and pro-active actions are what will lead to changes... to healing... for yourself and others (friend or foe alike)
You have experienced how fragile livelihood could become... from privacy to  health... at the hands of perpetrator's and supporters who find dehumanization an acceptable mean.
You are not meant to live in pain and oppressed at any unwarranted level... it is inhumane      This should not be allowed... it is not a norm nor to be accepted as such. The accusers or participants that believe that you merit the social "punishment or torture" (by the perpetrator and supporters) because  "you are asking for it" lack the understanding of the "evil" behind their ill act... it is a mere excuse to accept illogical and twisted behavior in the name of justice. It is a childish view. It is shortsightedness that unfortunately leads to many to think that harassment, bullying or abuse as acceptable means to resolve their problems specially if done hidden from the rest of the population.

Society's inaction, tolerance, silence invites and support such twisted behavior of others... such ill does not breath at this modern times because is natural but because we as a collective (individual indifference/tolerance) allowed it to thrive...
Here is where you come in...

You need to become the ground breaker... The troubleshooters in your field... This is your opportunity to be part to right the "social" wrong.

There is no time to lament the past... nor to feed the "victim" role or the feeling of unworthiness"... it is the time to break free  and make a stand...
Seek the support... get informed before you act. Knowledge and preparation is most essential in achieving success. Never ever buy into the idea that you must accept your current fate defined by another.

Become the role model for many others who seek the light... It is not about turning into angels but becoming whole again, sovereign, empowered to "live" again. Find that inner spark that once reside in you... if it was ever allowed to blossom... if not... envision it... make it so...

Know... You are not alone... many might shy away from assisting but many others would stand by you... until such a time where the "tolerable unjust social acts" finally becomes "intolerable" by all. Not just on paper but in every single being's mind.

Make a Stand... Make it Known... and on those times when you feel exhausted and feel you just can't go on... let your Wings rest beneath our Wings.
Focus: A Worse Case Harassment Scenario
Set: Understanding Harassment | Trick of Their Trade

How is the target's life being subjected to Oppressive and alienating tactics:

In some worse case scenarios, harassment is not limited to the household, or workplace or school etc. It can encompass several or if not all areas of the Target's life. It all depends again on the level of fear of the perpetrator(s) and the deception enterprise which has been built overtime. Remember what I once mentioned, in order to keep deception or harassment going and successful passive aggressive methods needs to be employed. Although there are other variables at play but bottom line if you keep it hidden from the eyes of the general public you can make it endure up to years thus prone to go viral ("The Ambrosia or Immortal Scheme" as I mentioned in the previous writing Part III). Unfortunately some that have been subjected to extreme harassment even if briefly succumb to its ill pressure or stresses.. and don't get to see the day of light..
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Focus: Understanding Harassment (Part 4 of 4)
Set: A Worse Case Harassment Scenario

Quick Note: In regards to me current harassment issue, I am not here to provide proof of anything as if I needed to defend myself from ridiculous accusations. If there is anything I feel guided to do is to apologize for not having figure out how to put an end to this foolish viral harassment asap for I had been a witness to too much deterioration not just in me life but of others. Our selfish attitudes and indifference for others have allowed a sociopath  and his immediate minions make a fool not only out of us but out of a multitude of innocent individuals that crossed our lives. ... and i mean innocent because some people are unaware of the current scams and are used and abused equally on ways that you cannot even imagine and would never take ownership of the share of it... but you don't have to worry about that right? because whatever action the sociopath takes or took to cover up for each of the misdeeds (yours or his) is excusable in your eyes... after all the "ends justifies the means"(Behold, a sociopath's view point). Congratulation for such shortsightedness. I for one will not become complaisant to such views and thus is the reason for me writings... in hope that some will be spared from this viral social injustice.  I understand that the sociopath will take the minds of man when in darkness and wield it to his liking... but in the face of light his attempts are rendered useless. Even if you do not find all me writing to be acceptable I know (specially those that currently  participate) some of it will hopefully bring forward those red flags that initially were ignored and hopefully at least some of you will take the healthier approach instead of living in shackles of fear which is the abyss the perpetrator need you to be in order for his survival not yours... He needs you more than you need him... remember that.
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Focus: A Worse Case Harassment Scenario
Set: Understanding Harassment (Part 3 of 4)

Who will not assume UNDULY power over others if presented with the opportunity? especially if they are assured (tricked) that such actions have no consequences.
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Focus: A Worse Case Harassment Scenario
Set: Understanding Harassment (Part 2 of 4)

How could one starts to explain harassment's ill effects and the unimaginable ways that harassment has been employed to suppress, oppress, alienate and more.
Even... how is one to bring it to the attention of individuals who never thought they could form part of it either as a participant in harassing or becoming ever a target. In such cases of extreme harassment such beliefs could become but an illusion. Your sense of security and comfort... shattered.
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Focus: A Worse Case Harassment Scenario
Set: Understanding Harassment (Part 1 of 4)

The articles that i will present I hope will assist others in making better choices when dealing with a harassment situation regardless which role you are playing.

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