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Welcome to The New Social Awareness Portal

The objective of this site is to create a collaboration portal where everyone involved may brainstorm to find solutions to social problems plaguing society... 

Let this be a Shout out! to everyone of all walks of life to bring their skills wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, tenacity and courage to join and tackle even what other called "impossible Problems" to be solved... for there is no such thing as "impossible". 

Bring your ideas!, your stories, your videos, your petitions...


If you wish to create an account and remain anonymous please send request via the Contat Form using email  Provide a username and initial password. An account will be created within 24 hrs. Once you joined please change the password.



Future Project:

Calling on All Artists and business owners of all type... Please show your support by donating your Art and Craft such as Logos T-Shirt/Hat Drawing, glass arts, jewelry to be sold in order to provide much needed assistance to some of those that are being harassed/bullied/abused.

The proceeds will go into providing products and services such as gadgets like cams for security, audio recording, defense classes (e.g. martial arts),  pay fees for lab tests... pay for "bug screenings" etc.

Your Products and Services will be advertise in the planned Marketplace or store front.  If you so desire you may support this cause by even just providing discounts on your product and services. 


I am seeking for individuals that would like to team up to make this website not just another abuse awareness website but an access point where people will truly find answers leading to resolutions to their immediate needs... In short, where we can Empower Individuals not just with inspiration but with deeds.. ours and theirs.

Please use the Contact Us Form to send your comments, interests, feedback 


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Change of Login Process:

Please note: The following email was sent to all users. Unfortunately the server did not deliver the emails. It has been posted here for the record.


To All Users

As a security precaution at this time, the ability to login using the social services (facebook/Google) has been disabled.  This will be reinstated once the site is equipped or setup with  a secured communication protocol site wide in the future.

Please note that those account affected are temporarily disabled until confirmation is once again received via email. Those account's email addresses have been replaced with a bogus email which you will still be able to use for the login process if necessary.

for example if your email address was the new email will be replaced with

Again Note the new email will be a bogus one at this time just for the purpose of login in if required.

Any other information in the profile please verify or change at your convenience.

Please send request for a password reset to if you still are interested in login in.  If there is no activity within 15 days from the time of this notification the accounts will be deleted and you may request an anonymous account via the Contact Form page at any time after that.

Our objective at this time is to try to keep information of all users as anonymous as possible.  Even if you agree to provide some personal information is advisable to please only provide the minimum.  This site is mainly to assist everyone and anyone regardless of identity. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

To request a password reset please email to


Site Administrator.

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