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Dragon Heart Apr 10

Dream: 2:21pm 4/10/2020

I cant clearly remember the first part obviously... 

At one point.. i am watching the sky.. i cant rem why me character went outside.. but upon looking up.. i am seeing lil streak .. lil lines .. almost like shooting start but not as fast.. some linger those lil lines.. if u were to measure it  using ur finger as if u could touch them.. maybe 3 inches long.. (mindu this is way up in the sky.. so from my point of view if i was to use me fingers (just as you would trick ur eyes of grabbing the moon).. they were small.. like stars.. with a tail .. but the tails would linger you would see it moving then stop.. this was happening in different areas of the sky... at times you would see two parallel lil lines forms (slow shooting star trail) and stop...  so as i move around the sky.. at some point a cloud would be on the way but not thick enough... that you could still see these minute star size object move across skey  lil distance and would stop just within the cloud cover... (so they must still be very high up since they were the size of stars in the sky)... then at another point... i see an object... almost like  the shape of a refinery scrubber.. but upside down.. as if the sky was the canvas and u got items attach to it.. except we were seeing it facing down instead of standing up.. it was metallic.. it was small but not small enough you couldn't see the shape.. again it looked like those refinery scrubbers but modern silver ..miniature of course.. but big enough to notice its height or length..  like an object out of place. i cant recall what was it attached to.. all i saw was that object on ts own.. at least what i remember.   (the time of day was either dusk or dawn.. .. still was some  light outside but yet enough to be able to see stars.. as sometimes happens)

then at a later time.. Again I am looking out.. not so much to the sky.. but forward at a distance... distance maybe from where i am to the first street intersection if i was driving west from this location.. maybe a lil farther.. i cant say.. there was something "floating midair.." at first i couldn't tell what exactly was... it seems initially like a blog.. a glowing blob.. but mainly pinking reddish yellows color.. then it took a form.. wider.. not necessary all round.. it had a thickness to it.. the outlines were what now was highlighted.. u could see more were the highlights of the outline of this no so flattened yet partially round areas.. 

hard to tell.. maybe a two floor building size if not three.. but thick enough wide enough but seems not to be exactly all round nor all square.. 

again u ended up just being caught up looking at the whole picture which was highlighted by neon like illuminated lights of sort.. it almost look like a cartoon arcraft if u were to then seeit.. especially when it started to move forward toward me right side and took off..  when it passed thru the colors seems almost cartoonish.. soft colors.. pinks reddish.. brown etc.. when it passed to the right the "craft" looked more like craft but was of course wide yet you woulc still see its dimensions (meaning it wasnt miles big) it was big enough... to occupy a good portion of me eyesight when it passed by. still at a closer yet good distance still.  What caught me attention was the color scheme...  like i said.. looked cartoonist.. the colors were soft.. there were good sections of the craft you couldn't see.. but u could see only what the highlights would illuminate.  anyways it took off.. i woke up not long after that.

had another dream.. i unfortunately remember even less about this one last one.. had nothing to do with aircraft or the sky.

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