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Dragon Heart Feb 18 '16
Seeking a New perspective:

It is easy to push harassment issues under the rug but note that this is plaguing society at every level... It is happening under your nose and such lack of understanding of its cause/effect is what leads many to find it tolerable... and even to participate without thinking twice... especially if a manipulator has taken hold of the process. Thus instead of finding these vile acts appalling... the minute we find or someone shows us the advantage of it.. we find it alluring.

Many people don't harass because they are truly evil in my opinion... but because some have partially if not fully adopted the illusion of this competitive world (i.e the idea of "survival of the fittest")... such perspective only brings about more discord and unnecessary challenges for all involved. Sociopaths will use this very handle to keep people trap in their games.

So how do we deal with this social nuisance we have all accepted globally... even if some not individually.

In my opinion, a start is in planting the seed of intolerance in the minds of every single individual. Tough one to tackle because those that should be reading about Cause and Effect of Harassment don't do it.. and I am referring to those that are doing the Harassing... I bet too that even if they (aggressors) are reading about it, they will not identify themselves as forming part of such destructive/vile acts. Somehow in the minds of the Harasser their actions are "excusable/ acceptable and even possibly innocent".

Such tactics as educating the public with literature in my estimation does very little for those already taking part of the "dark side". Don't get me wrong.. literature may actually help in "deterring" some from pursuing in becoming a bully or from someone becoming a target.

So.. my question here is... What can we do, that is outside the box, to help those already caught in this Game... and especially to protect those that potentially may fall victims of it.

What I know however for a fact is that No matter if someone is currently being harass or will newly be harass the harassment needs to be put to a stop sooner than later.

Such advice as "switch jobs/school" "quit" "move" "just ignore them"... those are some of the most common advice that NO ONE should be getting in regards to harassment.

so what are "we" going to do about it?... again... it has to be more than just distributing literature or making employees watch "in the workplace safety/harassment" videos... Those tactics are just there to help make a company be in compliance with governmental laws but it does little in deterring harassment.

To tackle harassment will need the cooperation of the people.. not just a few. I would like to hear your ideas on what could be done... Lets think outside the box.

Dragon Heart
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