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Note: The following are not exactly troubleshooting steps but mostly general advice. In addition, I am not claiming to be  an  expert nor I am qualify to provide legal advice. What I am providing are some ideas that resonate with me as valid. If you feel that they actually are not realistic or are  invalid please say so. Any other input is also welcome.


Is impossible to list troubleshooting steps on harassment when most if not all cases are so unique.  So since case details are unknown and we can't group them all in one area we can at least try to come up with some general guidelines.

First of, you (the target) would be the most qualify to recognize which method or technique listed below may be of use if any.  You know the game of the perpetrator.  In some cases, even taking the following precautions or advice may be more dangerous for some... so appropriate method and timing is very important.  However I believe that no matter how grave the situation is you hold the key to break down the barriers... to set yourself free. Unfortunately for some that road to freedom is very precarious.  My heart goes out to you all. May you find the support and strength that you need to get your life back.

                                                   ::::: Scenarios :::::


Somewhere alone the path, for puppeteers/perpetrators to promote harassment specially in the community (using neighbors and others) he needs to resort to possible extortion, ill gossiping spreading (character defamation), framing. What he will never want is to anyone that he has trapped in it to be loose out of his control. The participants will be caught in an unspoken code of silence.

The best advice i could provide regarding this... which may actually bring resolution (if you can afford it)... is by providing some incentive (usually in a monetary form) for others to speak . Unfortunately on many extreme and complex harassment scenarios many get caught in a web where they fear prosecution.. that is why perpetrator makes much effort into making sure the "foot soldiers" get their hands dirty. However, I can assure you not everyone will abide by the rules of the perpetrator nor are caught as deep as many are and thus it will create a break in that can of worm when they find the incentive alluring enough to speak up.... and all you may ever need is just that tiny break...


On such situations where some are being attacked via the environment by the use of substances especially if being done in a  mob scenario (community) because the perpetrator has sold the idea that it only affects you (the target) or he sells the idea that the substance being used is "innocent" but just a nuisance.. you may find the approach described above such as "offering monetary compensation" for people to come forward without fear of reprisals to be probably effective... especially if they are still holding to some of the "chemicals" being used.  However, keep in mind that perpetrators once in the know of such tactic will make a point to make sure the substance gets in the hand of only limited "abusers"... (those most loyal and foolish) and he will additionally attempt to remove the left overs of the substance from former participants.  Would be nice if people would open up to how they were being used, but in this time of age too much fear keeps many bound to silence.


Technology might be your best friend if no eyewitnesses around. Even if there are eyewitnesses, their fear of speaking up may render their testimony none existent... thus no backup.

Tools example: tape recorders, you phone's voice or video recorder app, your PC's cam or voice recorder App. 

Whatever tool in use it must be concealed. The smaller the better. The most camouflage gadgets the most useful... such as spy watches, glasses, cans.. etc.

Do not disclose to the perpetrator that you hold such tool/information or that he is being recorded specially if you are alone. (it may put your life in even more danger). Note, however I am unaware of the legal grounds to do this. I wouldn't be surprise if recording an abuser is even illegal but that is me being sarcastic. So check that out (somewhere outside of the control area of the abuser... like in the public library)

Do Not provoke the perpetrator in order to get the evidence. Just have the tool ready when in need... or at every encounter or meet-up with the perpetrator (especially on those worse case scenarios)


In worse case scenarios where you live with the "abuser" and your daily life is monitored, from what you say, do in person or electronically... and the threat to your life is great, you need to take a different approach to acquire the tools you need. For example, Pen is Mightier than the sword.  If you have a friend you can truly confide (100%), write down your needs in paper or even write down the untold story to provide a heads up and to initiate the call for assistance. 

How you go about in writing information without being seen as suspicious you will need to work with what you got or start a new trend in behavior that will make it seem "normal" overtime. For example start a new habit in crossword puzzle solving. In time the perpetrator will lose interest in what you are doing. It may take time, but your freedom is worthy. Final advice. Remember not to leave pen/pencil pressure marks? on the surface you use to rest the paper. In case you need to get rid of paper evidence as an emergency... burn it do not toss in garbage. (make use of fireplace). 

In those scenarios where you suspect an outsider is invading your privacy (of course if you have the means).. Make a note to do "UN-advertise" visits to a center where they scan for bugs, or best if you can afford it, buy the tool yourself (or thru a friend) and do the scanning at "random". The latter is best advice especially when you know that the perpetrator can even buy the loyalty of those individuals from such centers... thus get the tool yourself or best thru a friend.

Do Not broadcast your intentions of getting Spy Gadgets for self protection unless you believe that will deter perpetrators. In some cases it will, in other specially on those worse case scenarios it will only provide the perpetrators the opportunity for them to remove their spying gadget temporarily... hopefully permanently but would you count on it?



Same outline as provided for Verbal Abuse.. such as:

Acquiring of Gadgets for Self Protection and Evidence collecting. 

Take the necessary precautions when you suspect your privacy has been bridge

Take Self Defense Classes (if you can afford it) 

If abuse is from an acquaintance, or from an outside threat, avoid being around them.... or have another person with you if need be.

Do not walk alone on the streets if possible. If you must, carry pepper spray. Carry your keys in a defense mode.

Do a quick survey of your home when you enter.

Get a guard dog.


As far as evidence is very important if possible not to keep the evidence at hands reach of perpetrators. 

In such cases when evidence are  known to exist, do NOT only keep ONE COPY of it.


In short, Patience and observation, Planning (including backup plans), Tactics, and timing are crucial in order to break down the obstacles at hand). Again, all harassment scenarios differ thus are the requirements to break free of them. 


Regardless of which type of abuse anyone is experiencing... the obstacles will feel overwhelming... especially if they find themselves with no support and little to no understanding from everyone else. To many that don't get to experience it may seem trivial and or incomprehensible or not believable especially if they are not provided with the so call "evidence". To some participating in the harassment may seem like a duty, for some a fun undertaking. Of course I can't assume that i know what everyone is thinking or assume to understand what triggers such behavior... What it has become cleared to me is that any type of "abuse" exist because we give in to fear from both sides of this phenomenon.

If anyone has any advice (based on experience or is an expert) to be included in the list please post it or forward it via Contact Form.


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Troubleshooting Harassment Part II

Note: The following are general Tricks employed by perpetrators but mostly general advice. Note, this is not a complete list. In addition, I am not claiming to be  an  expert nor I am qualify to provide legal advice. What I am providing are some ideas that resonate with me as valid. If you feel that they actually are not realistic or are  invalid please say so. Any other input is also welcome.


In order to troubleshoot harassment, in my opinion, one needs to understand some of the Tricks Harassers Pull.  Now most of the information here are based on some trickery done on worse case scenarios, however even if the harassment may not be that deep, considering some of this information may lead to a proper approach. 


WYSWYG: What you see is what you get

The customary steps people take while troubleshooting newly presented social "issues" is to consider it to be independent of any ongoing deeper games.  Under normal circumstances it may be the case... It could be a fluke, someone having a bad day... a range of many other things (under normal circumstances). However, if there is a chance that is related to any harassment issue, such a view (of thinking that is not) is limiting and provides opportunity for puppeteers to apply the proper patch and or turn things around based with the newly disclosed information (if gathered freely or illegally) from the troubleshooters . My belief is that if you are aware there might be a harassment issue at hand one would benefit to approach the problems as a worse case scenario initially (at least to the best of ones knowledge and resources). A lot of future issues or delayed resolutions could be avoided. It is hard to see the big picture or how an event could be connected to a bigger problem so why risk of giving a possible puppeteer an upper hand. Note some puppeteers counts on "What You See, is What you Get". 

The biggest and hardest challenge that a troubleshooter will encounter is recognizing the moles if there are any.  Unfortunately in worse case scenarios there are usually not just one. Sadly enough it becomes even harder when they realize that it could be one of their own trusted individuals which may lead them to go astray. For example, at the workplace, the harassment could grow to the point of compromising management thus ultimately putting a whole company between the wall and a sword. That is how a puppeteer ultimately aims to control them on some worse case scenarios.



Puppeteers tend to pull stunts that may not result into immediate verification or investigation. In other words, it will be some time later when supposedly "evidence" toward a Target is presented thus not-allowing proper investigation of the scam (on real time)... thus lacking proper judgement or scrutiny of the event. The events may seem valid by those who experience it but because people normally don't look beyond the surface much will be missed.. and that is what the harasser counts on.... the naive-ness of people.  This of course depend on the type of the stunt or scam or framing.


Much like in Real Estate, location location location! is very important. This one should be an obvious one so I would not talk of it further.  Just keep in mind that also 'lack" of it may give a clue as to the inconsistency of their game.  None the less, once the puppeteer realize that troubleshooters seek for more proof, the puppeteer has to come up with them to keep their new scam valid.... thus some may venture into more sabotaging no matter how or how worse (unrealistic) it could be.


Is very important when troubleshooting specially in an environment where it has the potential of more individuals being part of a game in one way or another not to disclose or talk about the approach being taken or the progress of the investigation. Obviously is unavoidable to give away some information as part of it will entail interviewing possible valid eyewitnesses. In addition, it would be too much to even suggest to make sure the area where information is shared to be secured from prying eyes or "ears".  Nonetheless, it would be of benefit for troubleshooters to make an effort on such just to have all bases covered. No one knows how deep a harassment case is... nor the big picture.  Even some "non-related" event at hand, might actually be very related if individuals were aware of the ultimate goal of puppeteers. 

Information gathering:

This has been stated many a times.  Coupled with infiltration this is the most important mean for puppeteer to come up with new scams or avoid detection of foul play by patching the potential holes in their story. 

So how can Targets protect themselves from being played? well most of the time (in worse case scenarios) and if the target does not have the resources it becomes then almost unavoidable for Targets to fall into the traps being setup because the events are choreograph based on the pattern of the Target.  For example, if you are in the workplace you have a set of tasks that mostly define where you need to be or go and with whom you are to interact. (Is usually a repetitive roll). Puppeteers could tamper with your work or make your workday quite challenging especially if he has the cooperation of others around. Unfortunately the hand of chaos may reach beyond the local area.

If you could change any of the variables, such as making your "location pattern" random like.. it may make it difficult for harassers to pull "stunts"... unless of course on those worse case scenarios where even your in/outs are monitored/gps bugged. Unfortunately there are some locations that are fixed throughout your daily life or workday for one reason or other.

My other suggestions are to keep a journal of events (carry it with you all the time)... collect evidences stealth mode. Just as puppeteers have learn your patterns, you also will uncover if you observe well the patterns of those involved. You can apply countermeasures based on the information you learn. It is all about outfoxing the fox.  

The greatest disadvantage obviously that you will have is that most of the events, not all, will be done without your knowledge. For example you could be setup or frame at work for missing items or for some intentional  missed steps where you are made to be the escape-goat. Unfortunately some or many of those occurrences may not come to surface if they ever for you to have a hell of chance to defend yourself or to provide your input. Again, if they surface is usually when a lot of time has passed and all you got are memories to rely on.

The situation is preferred this way by the puppeteer cause all that he wants is to build a twisted picture of you among the ones around you... (lacking your input on it=1 sided story) and to create a form of pressure among the ones of higher responsibility. Is all part of the coincidental evidence built up. Don't get me wrong, the events are not necessarily make belief where people are made to lie, some are actually carried out where people get to be eyewitnesses again at your expense. All very feasible if your moves are known. The smoking mirrors.

Now, unfortunately as a target you may have little choices of who to confide. The Human resource may be of little to no help.. as many of you might have experience.  The law enforcement if outside of work could be most useful if you have proof... other than that.. is a he said she said type of scenario.... and the one that gets the upper hand is usually the one that is mounting the so call "coincidental evidence" against you.

However there is still a ray of hope at the workplace if you have a supervisor you can confide or others... until of course he is persuaded to pursue the company's agenda if it has deviated from "fairness". At the worst, at the end you will notice that it will become a matter of profit for the most part. 1 person vs a group. 1 vs a Department. Who the company will choose? is sadly a given... Someone tell me i am wrong? It may not get to that point if you are lucky and all your senses are still running cleared of exhaustion or trauma. So whenever you may suspect that any of your work has been tampered have a conversation with the supervisor just to let him know what you understand of the "misunderstood-event" if you caught it... if you suspect that a piece of your work can potentially be tampered make an effort in highlighting your finish work. In other words, if you finished a certain task try to make it be reviewed or seen by others... make duplicates if possible (if you finished or not).  This will limit a puppeteer from tampering with it, if he is aware of the precautions you took... or he will failed on his attempt if he is reckless.

Now, although I have used the workplace as an example, some of the tips provided on this Part II as well from Part I can be incorporated on any other case situation. For example, in the case of school bullying a concealed security camera I spoke about on Part I could be useful, confiding in a trusted professor, keeping a journal.  

Finally, it is worth pointing out that what is terribly lacking in most if not all harassment situation are Mediators. Everyone from both ends are usually playing a role of fight or flight... In worse case scenarios, a puppeteer obviously will not want his loyal participants to think that there is any graceful way out except to proceed with the schemes and for some is not even feasible to think that. His main goal is to keep feeding the machinery of deception and chaos... that is what keeps his pathetic ass shielded.... at the expense of everyone else.. not only the Target. On the course of his enterprise participants's lives, organizations, innocent bystanders, friends or foe's families alike all become "targets" of usually a sociopath's fears. He can't face the monstrosity he has become thus he tries to turn others into a reflection of his own. This makes him feel he has power.. a misguided and ill self-bestowed power to say the least... to turn heroes into cowards...imho.

If anyone has any advice (based on experience or is an expert) to be included in the list please reply here or forward it via Contact Form.


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