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Dragon Heart Mar 27
03/27/202zv4I can't quite remember - i know it was quite interactive and much happened but only these couple of pieces of the dream remain.

At one point I am on some open area.. maybe a dock setting.. or an area with a wide parking area .. I don necessarily can recall what was around except  i could see structures at a distance.. but i couldnt tell what they were. there is much distance from where I was to the actual buildings. the rest was pavement and maybe some vegetation i really cant say i saw any trees..Before me being there i was almost lets say as if floating or me camera was by the side of one of several characters traveling or driving what seems like hybrid waverunner and spider motorcycle. high in the sky.. There were maybe towing or accompanying something they were surrounding.. i cant recall what.. 

next i recall the next scene  which was where I was by that parking lot area... the hover ships or flying motorcoaches were parked (at good distance from each other) however one was not far from me.. it was white....  as wide as a small car  maybe a lil less and had handles sorta like motorcycle.. so similar to a spider-motorcyle style.. i dont recall tires on it.. and as i said. waverunner/motorcyel/hovercraft hybrid

anyways. i turned to the right. I see an airplane. the fuselage was blue. navy blue I suppose. like the dark blue from this site logo. It was on the platform of a barge maybe. maybe on a carrier? but the platform was just wide enough i would say for the plane.. I turned back to face the hovercycle. There is one of the characters ... they all had like a grey jumpsuit.. a dull grey suit yet shiny somehow..  i dont quite recall its head or facial features (they were humans).. there wasnt much interaction is like they did what they needed to do and were off.. no interaction or turning of heads etc... i see them ride off to the sky.. at one point telling meself something to the effect of wanting one of those hovercrafts or wishing i could drive one of those..  AS i said i see them ride to a distance beyond the clouds. 

the next clip.. which i cant tell if is part of same dream or what. I see at one point a glimpse of someone as if practicing hitting a golf ball what seems like on a deck of a ship. I cant recal much how that connects to the next one.. 

but at some point again not sure if on same dream. my character is now what seems to be on the deck (like maybe second floor level as there is a roof above but to the right is the ocean or water... (similarly the indidividual i saw hitting a golf or practicing hitting a golf ball  seems to be in an level of such..)

anyways. i step in closer to the edge and ask (i cant rem to whom) while i am holding a golf ball if i can throw this golf ball to the ocean... someone answered and said it was fine.. 

but wast enough for me and i told meself.. i will ask Gaia directly

so i kneel down and at this point is where i am seeing better the sea.. seems turbulent.. omninous .. inf act it seems there was a vortex finely formed already.. there was no splashing or crashing .. even as turbulent there was no sesne of fright on me side.. it seemed almost like an ok scene.. the water although could be described as turbuvlent seemed "peaceful" like i said no shoppy waters.. even thought there were some bulges of waves in some sections..  so i kneels as i said. and asked Gaia if i could throw that golf ball to the ocean..   by that time i see what i believe it was me sister... coming into the space and i cant recall what she was plannign to do if to also play golf or what.. but i made way for her.. i scoot over to the corner to the side cause the sunlight or sun ray were mighty hot... like that crispy hot ... 

my sister inquires about it... asks that she needs to also get to the shade.. and that is where i told her.. u see that sensation that is exactly how it feels when i am being targeted.. a sharp crispy burn spiciness... . anyways i was trying to describe and compare to the (present sensations) of some of those discomfort... i believe that is when i woke up..  I remember i also told her about the distortion produce from either wifi signal or electrical field distortions...   etc. I woke up after that. 

(I will review at later time and fixed the typos)

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Dragon Heart Mar 28
unsure if the following clip belongs to the last posted dream or  was from the previous night. although those dreams above were when  I slept until very late in the afternoon.

I meant to write this but i have forgotten a lot by now. 

It had something to do with some group that appear to be a bit violent.. like in an anarchy sorta movie.. some carrying weapons... i remember my group had some weapons and my character was asking for one. I cant recall  if we were to meet some of the other group or we knew they were coming, i cant quite remember the scenario... except we were all ready.  they came explaining they were not there for a fight...

 to summarize it.. way toward the end.. one of them had two new borns.. or babies with him.. maybe twins i dont know... as i look at the babies.. one of the babies front cranial area.. he had either a crack or blood from some wound dripping thru the side... so there was a red streak.. again not sure if it was part of the wound or just blood running.. the other baby was ok physically... 

somehow the next clip it was announce the wounded baby had perished... i cant remember what i told the guy... it was suppose to be a comforting thought but i cant recall what it was.

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