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I was listening to this collection


"e-taaa" low tone

At some point before the 1:46 mark, I had an astral experience. Problem is after I snap out of the astral.. i fell back to sleep...  (the email where I wrote the draft of this experience was stamped 11:36a.m 04/01/2020)

In the last clip of the dream, my character was present in some sort of kitchen surrounded by a group of ladies. Btw some of these ladies were familiar to me - from the dance floor. (at least i could recognize a couple that represented them). i was eager to tell them about the astral I just had. (Was almost as if i thought i was awake already... weird but that is how it seemed in the dream). The scene was busy everyone was doing something.. i cant really say, but there was much activity and I would hardly get a chance to say a few words before i was tasked to do something me self. Some other people had joined. The last task I did was to wash some dish i believe someone handed me.  I washed it and found a spot where to place it among a pile of already washed dishes/kitchenware. I didn't get a chance to tell the ladies anything. I woke up soon after putting the dish/pot away.

Now before all this, I had settled down.. i put the laptop away and tuned in to some youtube music collection as listed above. I was so exhausted that it was not hard to feel the pulling sensation as if I was going astral/obe whichever may be the case... it was on off... after the third pull i just let it happen... within less than a min of deciding to "be at ease"... I said let's fly!..  AT that point i noticed being in a floating position still horizontal facing the ceiling. My "body" started to float away toward the wall (behind me). Remember the music was playing... everything felt serene (i shouldn't say everything) ...

Several thoughts ran thru me mind... Unfortunately too many as I was to decide what to do or where to go. At the early stages I asked to visit a guide, the wizard... then I hesitated... I turned too fickle. 

I continue floating unfortunately same position face up... i could see the sky at a point (this time around I didn't go on hyper drive), so  i either missed seeing or didn't happen).. I refer to hyper drive is when u get the feeling of traveling really fast as if thru the cosmos. So after some floating about and around I ended up floating upward and downward at times within what seems inside a structure. I couldnt see it well since I was mainly facing up still. THe location based on the walls seemed like those old brick buildings from inside.. damp looking. That impression was given because also the lack of lighting.. The inside though had a tint of redness to it.. the bricks seem reddish or the lighting inside had that red hue..

I still was fickle as to what to do.. and definitely wanted to leave that location but somehow I just couldn't. I can't even remember wat I settle to do or say... slowly I would be raised and lowered. when I would feel the down pull I would sorta panic a lil n would mentally say something in hope I could exit that dimmed enclosure.. I was looking up as I said. It seems at one point to have reached the ceiling perhaps.  There was a bit of a break or crack in the enclosure where I could see the sky...

I raised me hand in an attempt to summon some light thru..the edges of the hole/crack started to crumble and it would get larger. For whatever reason I paused doing that.

In meantime as well I am hearing inaudible or incomprehensible voice.. other language it seemed...

I asked something... I was turned in a way I was finally, instead in a horizontal position, I was now in a standing position.. I could see the inside of the structure now.. it was a big in height n width(all one space it seems).. all still had that reddish hue... looked damp like..  There diagonal bottom right was a stairway to the side only a few steps. I cant say where it was leading to.  I dont rem seeing any furniture..  reminds me as inside of an old castle structure or some old structure void of any modern accommodations ...

I can't remember what I said or asked that soon after that I finally landed on me feet or I should say gently landed (a Mary Poppins landing episode). I landed facing a  double wooden doors..  again. Those old style doors..  but from inside... the door however had a tint of grayish to it now that I rem. it wasn't brown.. but regardless was still old style.. with those horizontal decors  (to be Continue -trying to fix grammar from the rest)


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(This is the rest of the unedited/spell checked info - i will fix it at some later time)


So... I opened the door to exit to find out what was in the other side....

I find myself I would not say courtyard... imagine being at the park.  Where u have pave walkways but wider ..leading from one building at some 30 feet away or further..I think I am making the distance estimate too short.. make it 100 feet away..  point is there was structures around.  May be two if facing forward.. the walkways were wide.. there is no cars.. the area is decorated with sort of statues or art stone . Of sorts...

But wat get me attention are the individuals around...

At first step out.. I notice what seem to be a soldier looking being at some distance to the right .. diagonal.. I think he had a spear or staff  of sorts but I can't recall well..  there was a statue or monument almost between us midway.. I looked n I thought ok maybe if I just pretend n act none chalantly..  

I stepp away from the doorway... I see the "dude" starting to move toward me direction but not necessarily to me..at least I hope...

Ah yes.. one more catch..although body seemed humanoid.. their face seem to be wearing a.  Either mask, helmet or gear...I doubt that's their real head.... they were graying or dull silver like.  Even their skin.. .. t

Now their head.. u remember the movie predator.. it wasn't exactly like tgat.. perhaps best description.  Would be egyptian..  is almost like an egyptian helmet on.  They are wide large.  As I say greyish..makes it look like they r of stone as well..... the face feature didn't look humanoid like . It was elongated dowward.... they all were not the same type of "mask" if it was a mask.... they all were unique somehow but similar as far stone or statue like..  I couldn't tell u how they could possibly see thru it if it was a mask. Let alone breath...

So as I see the character moving.  I hear it making some noise .   I kept on walking .. I see another one sitting by the left side..like edge of the sidewalk..there is either a sitting spot or it made the area a sitting spot. There was like a small structure there..  I am looking around.  There are more charcater..n mean time I am trying to also make similar noise to what I was hearing so I would blend in.. well not much of it..  they were all minding their own business.. the one sitting at the edge. Seems to be resting maybe.. I then look further to the left where there is grass. And in the grass I see a female woman and a child.  Sitting on the grass.. she is blonde.. I think the child was a girl but I can't tell. She definitely looks human..  there is good distance between everyone.  I see.  Whether they walking or sititng..  I was heading to a building further up passed the sitting dude..  I started to get close to it.. there are like guards on each side.  The building had an entrance like those city hall buildings would have..  but I can't tell exactly what that building was..

The side was dexorates as well.

I snap out of that one as I hear the sound "eee--taaa"  softly.. during the course of me walking around.. at one point I hear sounds that reminds me of the star wars bar scene.  The chipping sound some movie alien character makes.. anyways was weird.  So when I woke up.. I swear i hear it coming from the tune i am listening before i snap into.  So i am going to review the song n see if i hear what i though i heard...  or maybe was a commercial

Anyways. In addition to that.. the character .. speaking alien to me was talking i would guess to me but i couldn't understand a thing that was being said.. even to the last "ee-taaa' sound.. it was a low tone.. a soft tone.  So in short.  Whatever that community i visited seemed they had an easy going setup.. i guess

Btw the masks as I said were unique yet similar in some things. But some were smaller than others..maybe reflects individual being younger I donr know.. I dont even know if those mask were biological or masks.. it seems like was part of  them..maybe cause everything was one sorta color.. n. I did see a few of them. All like either egyptian statue likes. (But did face structure)



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