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Groups Harassment Awareness Grp (lead Dragon Heart) Ideas, Educational Material, Events, 
Workplace Harassment (TBC -needs lead) Alerts, Law, Help Wanted, Tricks of the Trade
Household (Spouce/Child) Abuse (TBC -needs lead) Alerts, Law, Help Wanted, Tricks of the Trade
Lanlord Harasment / Bullying (needs lead) Alerts, Law, Help Wanted , Tricks of the Trade
Street Harassment (TBC - needs lead) Alerts, Law, Help Wanted, Tricks of the Trade
Blogs Write your Stories or Articles using these tags to identify area of  focus
tags: Workplace, Household, Lanlord, Street, etc (also incl. Harassment)
tag Help Wanted:... Sometime is not impossible to ge that helping hand
tag Trick of Their Trade: Provide descriptin of dirty tricks pulled
Video Post your Story or related informational links or just for fun
Pictures Submit Pictures even if is just to share
Events Announce Events/Meet-ups for  Nationwide support or Local
FundMe Create FundMe Projects to seek assistance ideally to resolve the harassment  TBA e.g $ to pay for lab test, gadgets (cams)
Gigs Simple Job Posting/ Job Seeking TBA
Marketplace Showcase your Skills / Art / Crafts TBA
HBusters Harassment Busters TBA See Below

Harassment Busters

My Dream is to one day form a specialized group that will go onsite to the most vile harassment cases/claims and provide root cause analysis and suggest/recommend and possibly even implement solutions. In other words EMPOWER individuals that are caught in this debilitating circumstance... and I mean everyone from both sides of the fence if cooperation is achieved.  - Dragon Heart